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The following is a brief overview of products available from our Refineries and Title Holders. We are prepared to discuss any of them at greater length, and to respond to questions or clarifications you may require. Each Seller sets up a transaction based upon Their Procedures, and Buyers must be prepared to work within those Procedures if they expect a successful transaction. We will provide any Buyer complete information regarding what is offered, after a conversation with them personally to more fully understand their objectives.


Essex Energy directly represents several Russian Title Holder / Sellers / Refineries offering a wide mix of products, all competitively priced.

Our top Seller, a U.S.-Owned Russian Oil Company, is the best solution for any buyer seeking a long-term relationship, and a consistent, reliable supply of products.

The Seller holds title to all products it offers, and is the only American-Owned, Domestic Russian Distribution Company with Export Rights. This unique status provides them direct access to Russian Oil Products from a wide range of government and non-government run refineries.

There are only two entities within Russia with greater access to petroleum-based products - the Russian Military and the Russian Government.

Their access to product enables them to provide extremely reliable and secure product delivery. Moreover, their Proprietary Risk Management Strategy assures on-time delivery of a Buyer's product, and complete protection of the Buyer's Capital.

They provide all of the standard fuels, in any reasonable quantity, and more than competitive pricing:

  • D2 (0.01 / 0.02)
  • Jet Fuels (any category)
  • Mazut (M100/99 - various sulfur % available)
  • EN590 or ULSD
  • Crude Oils (REBCO / ESPO).

    All products are offered based on NET pricing, CIF Rotterdam (or delivered to any US-trading-partner Port, with some adjustment for shipping costs). Contracts can range from 12 to 60 months in duration, and other products may be made available upon request.

    Contracts are always between The Title Holder / Seller and the Buyer.

    This Seller offers a Performance Bond as well as additional security for the capital deployed into a transaction. This provides Buyers a level of confidence in transactions not available from any other seller.

    Essex Energy Marketing provides marketing support to this Seller as its only Authorized Representative worldwide.

    The Seller expects complete transparency on the part of their potential buyers. To that end, they provide their Confidential Bona Fides and their Russian INN / KPP numbers to a prospective Buyer very early in the Process. This allows Buyers to complete whatever level of initial due-diligence they desire.

    In addition, this Seller is also a U.S. Department of Defense Approved Supplier. Buyers will receive access to the Defense Logistics Information Service (DOD) and the Company's CAGE number. If one has a need for DOD fuels, this Seller can provide those specialized fuels, either here in the US or Internationally to approved Buyers.

    Products above based on a standard 21-day initial lift, and are refinery contract only.

    OTHER RUSSIAN REFINERY OUTLETS will have a similar product mix available to buyers from time to time on a "special" or "sale" basis. As their Contracted Representative, Essex Energy makes these offers available to Buyers. We can discuss these "sales" with buyers when engaged with them personally.


    Essex Energy offers refined products from a variety of US-based providers for gasoline, jet fuel, ULSD, D6 / Fuel Oils, and more (ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron, and others), with competitive pricing offers discounted from a number of indexes. Buyers will need to submit purchase and logistics information to the Refinery Underwriter via Essex, engage in personal discussions with that Underwriter, and have that information reviewed by Compliance in order to obtain a pricing quote.

    Benefit of Working with Essex and these Providers:

  • Access to all available OPIS / Platts pricing strategies.
  • Robust slate of products: gasoline, Jet Fuel, ULSD, Fuel Oils, and more, by the metric ton, barrel, or gallon.
  • Product can be delivered via pipeline for US Buyers. Buyers seeking fuel to Export, rather than pipeline into the US interior, can often receive help from the Sellers for shipping and logistics.
  • Pipeline or Water borne pricing and delivery.
  • Major Procedures for true Majors / End Burners. Large volumes available.
  • All communications directly between Seller & Buyer once transaction is underway.

    In short, Essex Energy offers Buyers:

  • Worldwide reach
  • Logistics assistance available
  • Multiple supply sources
  • Full analytics

    We Directly represent a number of Sellers to whom we can present your fuel requests. We will be pleased to discuss scenarios with Buyers personally, and recommend the Seller we feel best suits their business requirements. Please call to discuss these or other offers we can provide. Contact Us

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